Crew Transportation

What is Crew Transportation?

Crew Transportation is the process of driving railroad train crews from point to point. These railroad crews need transportation to get to their starting point as well as brought back home after their route is complete.

Much like a shuttle service, PTI receives around-the-clock requests from our railroad customers to pick up and drop off train crews. PTI dispatchers match up drivers with these trips and the drivers safely transport the crews to their destinations. Taking place thousands of times, a day, these trips can range from a few miles to a few hundred miles.

Operating 24 hours, 365 days a year while providing these services, PTI will traverse roughly 150 million miles every year throughout the United States.

PTI specializes in Crew Transportation throughout the continental United States

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Professional Transportation, Inc. is part of United Companies, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. PTI has local offices in each state in which it conducts business operations.

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Like the clients it serves, PTI’s main priority is safety. With over 4,600 associates nationwide,  PTI has developed an internal safety department unlike any other through constant evaluation and training. Each of its drivers has been tested and trained in numerous areas of driving safety, and every van in its fleet is continually inspected and maintained for the highest degree of safety and comfort.