Established in 1980, PTI was founded with core values of safety, dependability, and customer service.  Those same three fundamentals continue to be steadfast for PTI for nearly 40 years.

Today PTI is comprised of over 5,000 associates providing transportation services to some of the largest companies in the railroad, mining and energy industries. 

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 Working for PTI can fit into the life of many different people. Our flexible, 24-hour work schedule allows individuals to find the best times that fit the needs of their life. People looking for full-time work as their primary job or those looking for part-time work to fit their lifestyle or to supplement other work can find our driving positions fit very well.

Unlike other driving jobs, PTI provides everything an employee needs to do the job. We provide the necessary safety training, the vehicle, fuel, and maintenance. All you need to worry about is being on time, driving safely, and providing the best possible customer service.

Who are our drivers? Our team crosses all demographics. We look for individuals with a strong customer service focus, dedication to safety, and attention to detail. We have drivers who work for us full-time as their primary job as well as many others who work part-time to have a flexible schedule. 

If you want a job that gives you the ability to interact with people, independence and provides benefits like health insurance, 401(k) retirement, and paid vacation, then PTI might be right for you.

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Professional Transportation, Inc. is part of United Companies, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. PTI has local offices in each state in which it conducts business operations.

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Like the clients it serves, PTI’s main priority is safety. With over 4,600 associates nationwide, PTI has developed an internal safety department unlike any other through constant evaluation and training. Each of its drivers has been tested and trained in numerous areas of driving safety, and every van in its fleet is continually inspected and maintained for the highest degree of safety and comfort.