The Right Way is the Safe Way

Like the customers it serves, PTI’s main priority is safety and exceeding industry safety standards. Through constant evaluation and training, PTI developed its industry leading safety culture.  All drivers are tested and trained in numerous areas of safety, and all fleet equipment is routinely inspected and maintained for the highest degree of safety and comfort.

The PTI Safety Team is lead by experienced Safety Officers who are geographically positioned throughout PTI’s service area to meet the needs of PTI’s internal and external customers. The Safety Department exists to educate PTI employees about accident avoidance to save lives and prevent injuries. The Safety Department focuses on risk mitigation through continuous training and learning, implementing systems and programs, direct observation and planned safety auditing.

Minimizing the chance of unplanned events that have the potential to result in injuries to our customers, PTI employees, and the public is the ultimate goal of the Safety Department. Committing to the execution of these core functions without compromise enables PTI to supply unprecedented world class customer service